Hunt the Tiny 10 - South Afric / Namibia

Hunt the Tiny 10 - South Afric / Namibia


Hunt the Tiny 10 - South Africa / Namibia

This hunting safari takes place in various regions of South Africa, Namibia and even maybe Mozambique in some cases. A personal discussion with the hunter is needed to understand and tailor the safari to his personal needs and expectations. Also, of course, to advise him on how many days it will take and how the safari will commend to accomplish his goals succesfully.

We are always willing to negotiate terms and conditions on any safari so please do not hesitate to contact us at any time so we can tailor the safari to your personal preferences. 

Safari Information:

* This package is available for 2021/ 2022

* 10 to 14 Day All-Inclusive hunt - Choose the species you still need to finnish your tiny 10 Grand Slam Package!

* Daily Rates @ $395 a day 1x1,

Daily Rates Includes: 

• Full Board Lodging included, 
• 1x1 Guided safari,
• 2 Travel Days included,
• All Meals / Lodging / Laundry,
• Skinner / Tracker / Fully rigged Hunting Vehicle,
• R/T Transport from airport closest to the area you will hunt, 
• Tailored to the Tiny 10,
• All Required Permits,

Add an observer for $195 a night,


The following species are available to be hunted in South Africa: 

* Grey Duiker @ $350 Hunting Grey Duiker

* Red Duiker @ $1 950
Hunting Red Duiker

* Blue Duiker @ $2 500
Hunting Blue Duiker

* Klipspringer @ $1 500  

* Cape Grysbuck @ $ 3 950 
Hunting Cape Grysbok

* Oribi @ $3 500 (Very few permits available, availability subject to permits! Book in advance to avoid dissapointment)
Hunting Oribi

* Steenbuck @ $450 
Hunting Steenbuck

* Sharpe's Grysbuck @ $3 950
Hunting Sharpes Grysbok

* Suni @ $3 450
Hunting Suni

To hunt your Dik Dik we will have to travel to Namibia, we have some of the best hunting areas for Dik Dik in Namibia. 

Dik Dik @ $3 950

* For your Dik Dik hunt we will have to add a extra round trip flight from JHB to Namibia.  Daily rates are included and the same as in South Africa.

Best time for your Tiny 10 hunt:

Best time to hunt these extremely elusive range of species is when the bush is not as thick, suggested time period would be anything between July and November.  Best months would be August, September and first 2 weeks of October depending the moon phase.  

This hunt can be combined with any dangerous game or plains game packages offered by JKO Hunting Safaris. We also offer you additional exotic and night time species with this safari.  To receive a comprehensive list off additional species available contact us. 

Whether you are just starting your Tiny 10 quest, or are already on your way, this is a great opportunity to complete or fill some spots in your tiny ten collection! 

Deposit Policy:  

* A small deposit of $1950 secures your dates and tiny 10 hunting safari. 

* We do accept the following forms of payment, Direct Wire Transfer, Online Credit Card (3% surcharge), Paypal, USD Cash. 

* Make use of our payment plan with extra benefits to you, if you are interested please get in touch with us. 


Also applies to hunting packages.

  • International and domestic air travel.
  • Chartered and commercial flights to, from or between hunting areas.
  • Trophy fees of animals bagged, wounded or lost.
  • Accommodation before or after the safari like guest house etc.
  • Taxidermist fees, dipping, packing, insurance and transport to place of destination.
  • Gratuities to staff, professional hunters and camp staff.
  • Government tax on daily rates. Trophy fees are Value Added Tax exempt.

Final Price:  Tailored to each spesific safari

Safari Points: Total of USD spent on your safari. (Earn safari points for discount on your next hunt with JKO Hunting Safaris at any of our destinations.)

Learn more about JKO Safari Points


06 May 2020


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