Reindeer (Caribou) Hunt - Greenland

Reindeer (Caribou) Hunt - Greenland





Program for your Autumn Reindeer(Caribou) hunt: 

- Day 1 - Departure USA the evening for Copenhagen, overnight in Copenhagen,

- Day 2 - Departure of Copenhagen the morning for Kangerlussuaq (Greenland),

* Meet and Greet at the airport, transfer to the guesthouse (5 min of car), change of clothing, preparation of equipment and beginning to set up camp for the hunt (tents), duration of time to campsite as follows: 45 kilometres by car, 30-minute walk ( around 2km's) and 20 minutes on boat.

- Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6 - HUNTING (On foot –OBLIGATORY perfect physical Condition),

* Principal Camping will be necessary for the autumn hunt. For the hunters also wishing to drive out a musk ox in autumn, it will be necessary to go 3 hours further on foot (7.5kms) to reach the second camping site.

* The hunter must obligatorily be able to carry the trophy of his animal harvested on his back from the place harvested to the camping site, then form camping site to the boat with a rucksack.

* The client will also be asked to take part in the preparation of the trophy after it is harvested (assistance with the guide) and in the transport of the meat if that is necessary. In the event of the client not being able to help, it is possible to call on the services of the guides, there will be extra costs to these services.

- Day 6 - In the evening (return to the guest house spending the night in the guest house) in the morning departure for the airport and return towards Copenhagen.

- Day 7 - Arrival and night in Copenhagen

- Day 8 - Departure from Copenhagen and arrival in the USA.


Reindeer (Caribou) Hunting Package Rates:

* On the basis of 6 days in Greenland including 4 Hunting days @ $7 500 per Hunter including ONE Reindeer(Caribou),
You can add the following on top of your Greenland hunting package: 
* Accompanying / Observers @ $2 950 per person for 6 days, 
* Second caribou @ $2 500
* Non Trophy Caribou @ $550
* Group of 4 hunters maximum,
   (2 hunters maximum out of a group of 4 for a mixed caribou/musk ox hunt)

The price of the hunt includes the following:

- The complete organization starting from Kangerlussuaq,
- Accommodation, meals and drinks with the tents and the guest house according to the program,
- Meet and greet and assistance on arrival and departure of Kangerlussuaq,
- All displacements “conveys” and “boat” used on the hunt,
- All hunting permits,
– In the fishing season (Arctic Omble) but no fishing equipment provided,
- Trophy fees of Caribou or a musk ox according to the fixed price or package chosen, small hunting (to check the dates of openings before validation).

The price of the hunt does not include:

- International air transports outward journey/return until Kangerlussuaq,
- Insurance drives out covering you for this travel,
– The possible hiring of a rifle ($250),
- The personal expenditure,
- The repatriation of the trophy in France and the expenses of taxidermy,
- The taxi and the hotel in Copenhagen,
– The fee and of agency ($250),
- The bearing of your trophies by the guides since the camping, in the event of overload and of incapacity to carry ($20 per kilometre), all that is not mentioned in the list “the price of the stay understands”, above.

Packing list for your Greenland Reindeer Hunt 

Be Vigilant!!! This hunting adventure will only be pleasant if you have the correct equipment!
Here is what we suggest you take on your hunting trip in Greenland:


•    A proper hiking rucksack (app. 20 litres),
•    Min. 4 pair of socks: Wear 2 pair at a time + 2 extra. Pure Wool!
•    1 set of performance underwear (Thin),
•    1 set of performance underwear (Thick),
•    1 pair of mittens: Big enough to wear thin gloves beneath them.
•    2 pair of thin finger mittens: Pure wool is the best. You can buy finger mittens in Ilulissat, but they are not made of pure wool.
•    Hat/cap: A wind stopper that covers your ears is the best choice.
•    Trousers made of fleece: Polartec 200 – 300.
•    Fleece jacket/pullover: Polartec 200 – 300.
•    Windproof trousers: Gore-tex or similar,
•    Windproof jacket: Gore-tex or similar,
•    Windproof and isolated leggings/overall trousers: Trousers made of sealskin can be rented in Ilulissat,
•    Windproof and isolated jacket: Anorak made of sealskin can be rented in Ilulissat,
•    Polar boots: Can be rented in Ilulissat.  
•    Thermos flask: This should be made of steel.
•    Personal medicine,
•    Sunglasses, 
•    Knives: Pocket, Skinning, Sharp pointed knive for caping,

Furthermore we recommend you bring:

•    A small rucksack for a day’s journey,
•    If possible 1 extra set performance wear,
•    2 pair of thin finger mittens extra,
•    If possible extra hat/cap,
•    Scarf,
•    Balaclava,
•    Ski glasses,
•    Sun protection: Without water,
•    Sun blocker: Without water,
•    Camera, extra batteries,
•    Torch, extra batteries,
•    Sleeping bag inlet (sheet sleeping bag),
•    Literature: In case of bad weather,


No specific vaccines is required for Greenland. 

 Booking flights for your Greenland Hunt 
We can assist and take care of your air reservations, do not hesitate to ask us any time!

 Hotel reservations Copenhagen
We will undertake to book your room in our partner hotel. The rates will be communicated to you according to the
number of people and rooms, of the service and the style of room which you wish. Only the reservation of the taxi
will have to be to made at the airport. There is a lot of taxis around the exit of the airport. The hotel is only
10minutes from the airport.

 Shipping and delivery of the trophies to Copenhagen
We ensure the delivery of your or your trophies to Copenhagen (obligatory Passage) – the cost of delivery to this
destination is of €600 for the 1st trophy and €400 more in the event of second trophy.
The delivery of the trophies from Copenhagen to your residence will be done by the forwarding agent of your choice.

Final Price: $7 500 per Hunter

Safari Points: 7 500pts (Plus any extras added)

Learn more about JKO Safari Points


Hunting Reindeer

Hunting Greenland2


Hunting Greenland



31 January 2020


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