Starting from 2025

Lord Derby Hunting Experience
PRICE: €35 000 / SAFARI POINTS: 35 000



Embark on an unparalleled safari adventure with our exclusive 2025 Lord Derby Eland Hunt in Cameroon. Renowned for its challenging yet rewarding nature, this expedition offers more than just an opportunity to hunt the majestic Lord Derby.

With a commitment to authenticity, our vast hunting areas spanning over 55,000 acres each promise encounters with diverse wildlife, including Kob, Roan, Savanna buffalo, and more. This exceptional package not only ensures an adrenaline-pumping hunting experience but also presents the chance to explore the untamed beauty of Cameroon’s landscapes.



At the heart of our Lord Derby Eland Hunt is an ethos of personalized service.

Unlike traditional safaris, the owner personally serves as your guide and Professional Hunter (PH), ensuring an intimate and carefully guided experience throughout. As you navigate the challenges of hunting Lord Derby, our travel agent in France stands ready to handle all logistical details, from visa requirements to rifle permits and flights. Additionally, enjoy the comfort of 4-star accommodations and transparent pricing with no hidden costs. Join us for a safari that goes beyond the ordinary, promising an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Cameroon wilderness.

Challenging Yet Rewarding Hunt

Hunting Lord Derby is a formidable challenge, but rest assured, you will have multiple opportunities at a bull, enhancing your chances of securing an impressive trophy.

Diverse Wildlife Experience

Your Lord Derby hunt extends beyond the primary target. Encounter a variety of wildlife, including Kob, Roan, Savanna buffalo, and other species, creating a rich and diverse safari experience.

Comprehensive Support Services

Our dedicated travel agent in France will seamlessly handle your visa requirements, rifle permits, and all aspects of travel logistics, ensuring a smooth process to and from Cameroon and internal flights within the country.

Personalized Guiding by Experienced PH

Your peace of mind is our priority. With the owner serving as your personal Professional Hunter (PH) and guide, you can relax, knowing every detail will be taken care of, and you'll be guided to secure top-quality trophies.

Package Details

  • 12x Hunting days for 1x Hunter @ €32,500
  • 1x Big Game License @ €1,500


  • GAROUA airport reception and transfer to the hunting area and back
  • Daily service and laundry staff
  • Full board accommodation. Drinks included (except Champagne)
  • Professional guide, trackers, porters, and skinner
  • Hunting liability insurance for the hunter only

Trophy Fees

Class A species:

  • Lord Derby Eland - €5,500
  • Savanah Buffalo - €4,500
  • Savanna Elephant - N/A
  • Lion - N/A
  • Roan - €2,900
  • Sing Sing Waterbuck - €950

Class B species:

  • Western Major Hartebeest - €950
  • Harnessed Bushbuck - €850
  • Western Kob - €650
  • Bohor Reedbuck - €650
  • Hyena - €850
  • Duikers - €500
  • Oribi - €650
  • Baboon - €250
  • Python - €350


  • International Flights
  • Hotel accommodation before/after the safari in Garoua or Douala
  • Telephone costs in camp
  • Visa & Rifle import fees
  • Gun Rental if needed
  • Fishing License - €150
  • Taxidermy, shipping, dip and pack
  • Cancellation, repatriation, weapons, and luggage
  • Tips (Recommended around $1000 to $1500, including all camp staff, trackers, drives, cooks, etc.)
  • Field preparation by Skinners, dipping & packing @ €1200 - €1500 (To be paid CASH in camp. Price depends on the amount of animals taken)
  • Shipping of trophies from Cameroon to Paris @ €1000 - €1500 (To be paid in CASH in camp. Price depends on the amount of species taken.)

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