Starting from 2024

Buffalo / Sable Adventure Package
PRICE: $14 500 / SAFARI POINTS: 14 500



Discover the thrill of an authentic buffalo safari with our exclusive Buffalo / Sable Package for the 2024/25 season.

As dedicated hunters ourselves, we are thrilled to extend a remarkable offer to AH hunters, providing an unparalleled opportunity to pursue either buffalo and sable or a Roan bull. This enticing offer unfolds in two of our premier concessions, promising an experience of a lifetime.



For those seeking an observer’s perspective or additional hunters, we welcome inquiries and questions. Our commitment to providing an extraordinary safari experience remains unwavering.

Join us as we host you in two of our best and largest concessions, each spanning over an expansive 55,000 acres. In the Free State area, engage in a spot and stalk safari for buffalo, while the Kalahari beckons you to track dugga boys through its thick brush. Our commitment to authenticity ensures that all species are hunted in one area, eliminating the need for travel between hunting areas.

Embark on a thrilling journey with JKO Hunting Safaris, where adventure, authenticity, and top-quality trophies converge. Your buffalo and sable safari awaits — seize the opportunity for an unforgettable hunting experience.


Abundant Wildlife

Both areas not only boast thriving populations of plains game but also offer luxurious 4-star accommodations. At JKO Safaris, transparency is paramount — no hidden costs, and the focus is unwaveringly on delivering top-notch trophies and an exceptional hunting experience.

Extend the Adventure

In the Kalahari, elevate your safari by adding a male lion, starting at $7500. The expected size of buffalo and sable ranges between 38" and 42", with a minimum age of 10 years old, promising formidable trophies and an authentic safari atmosphere.

Package Details

  • 6 Hunting Days for 1 Hunter
  • 2 Arrival/Departure Days
  • 1 Mature Hard Bossed Buffalo Bull
  • 1 Mature Sable Bull OR Roan Bull


  • Pick up and drop off at the nearest airport
  • No hidden costs; all applicable costs are transparently listed

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