Starting from 2025

Musk Ox / Reindeer Exotic Hunt
PRICE: €12 950 / SAFARI POINTS: 12 950



Embark on a thrilling adventure with our Musk Ox / Reindeer Hunt package in the pristine wilderness of Greenland.

This unique experience combines the pursuit of Caribou and Musk Ox, promising five days of exhilarating hunting in the heart of nature. Our package is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive and unforgettable expedition, ensuring you have the opportunity to bag remarkable trophies while surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Join us for an extraordinary journey that blends the excitement of the hunt with the beauty of the Arctic terrain.



As you delve into the 5-day hunting escapade, our skilled team will guide you through the rugged terrain, offering the chance to harvest a magnificent Male Musk Ox and a stately Male Reindeer.

The vast hunting area spans over the captivating Greenlandic landscapes, providing a challenging yet rewarding adventure. Accommodations include a cozy country cottage and guest house, where all your needs will be met with top-notch service. From airport reception to departure, our seamless organization ensures a stress-free experience. It’s important to note that while the package covers an array of amenities, certain elements such as international airfare, travel insurance, and personal expenses are not included. For those seeking an unparalleled hunting expedition in a truly unique setting, our Musk Ox / Reindeer Hunt package beckons with the promise of an unforgettable Arctic adventure.

The Hunt

  • Package: Musk Ox / Reindeer Hunt - Greenland
  • Caribou + Musk Ox Package: 5 Days of hunting including Musk Ox & Reindeer @ €12,950

  • Accompanying hunters or observers: €3,500 per observer,

  • Group of 4 hunters maximum (More on study)


  • Day 1 - Departure from USA in the evening for Copenhagen, overnight in Copenhagen.

  • Day 2 - Departure of Copenhagen in the morning for Kangerlussuaq (Greenland). Pick up at the airport, transfer to the base camp (5 min by car), change of clothing, preparation of hunting equipment and will then start traveling to the country cottage from where the safari will be done. (1h30 of snowmobile)

  • Days 3-7 - HUNTING.

  • Day 6 - In the evening (return to the base camp and spend the night at the base camp) or Day 7 in the morning - Departure for the airport and return towards Copenhagen

  • Day 7 - Arrival and night in Copenhagen.

  • Day 8 - Departure of Copenhagen and arrival in Paris / USA.


  • 1 Male Musk Ox & 1x Male Reindeer,
  • The complete organization and daily rates for the safari starting from Kangerlussuaq - accommodation, meals, and drinks with the country cottage and guest house according to the program -
  • The meet and greet and assistance on arrival and departure at Kangerlussuaq - All transport within the hunting area “conveys,” “snowmobile,” and “quad” used while hunting - hunting permits– small hunting (weapon of small gauge, ammunition, and skinning), transport of a musk ox male trophy to exporter in Greenland, the loan of the helmet, the loan of the sleeping bag in very cold weather.


  • International airfare to and from Greenland,
  • Travel insurance, (Very highly recommended),
  • Any personal expenses,
  • Hunting a second musk ox @ €2,250
  • Hunting and harvesting a non-trophy caribou @ €750.
  • Taxidermy or shipping of trophies from Denmark to the USA,
  • Taxi and the hotel in Copenhagen
  • The possible hiring of equipment, you WILL encounter very cold weather if you are not equipped right equipment will be available (boots, trousers, jacket (€200)
  • The possible hiring of a rifle @ €150
  • Agency fee @ €150
  • Meals downtown and outside hunting dates.

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