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Dangerous 4 Safari Package
PRICE: $55 500 / SAFARI POINTS: 55 500



Set off on the ultimate adventure with JKO Hunting Safaris’ Dangerous 4 Safari Package.

This exclusive offering promises 14 full hunting days, inclusive of 4 travel days, providing a rare opportunity to encounter and hunt some of the most formidable creatures on the African continent. With a round-trip charter plane to the Kalahari included in the package, this safari is meticulously curated for thrill-seekers and seasoned hunters alike. Immerse yourself in the wild, where every day brings the possibility of facing the danger and majesty of Africa’s most iconic and challenging game.



Immerse yourself in the heart of the wild, where the rhythm of the savannah and the challenge of tracking these majestic creatures create an unforgettable journey.

The Dangerous 4 Safari Package offers an unparalleled opportunity to hunt and witness the grandeur of Africa’s most dangerous game. Priced at $55,500, this all-inclusive package ensures an extraordinary adventure where every moment is a step closer to encountering the untamed beauty and peril of the African wilderness.

The Kalahari Experience

Soar above the vast expanse of the Kalahari with the included round-trip charter plane (Cessna 402B), setting the stage for an awe-inspiring safari. The Kalahari, known for its stark beauty and unique wildlife, provides the backdrop for an unforgettable hunting experience.

Formidable Trophy Collection

This package introduces you to the Dangerous 4 – a formidable lineup featuring a Non-Exportable Elephant Bull from Zimbabwe or Namibia, a Black Mane Lion non-exportable to the US, a White Rhino (dart) in South Africa, and a Hard Bossed Cape Buffalo Bull from South Africa or Zimbabwe. Each trophy represents a pinnacle in dangerous game hunting.

All-Inclusive Adventure

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with all-inclusive pricing. The package covers round-trip charter flights within Africa, ensuring seamless travel. Additionally, all trophy fees and daily rates for one hunter are incorporated into the total cost, making this safari an exceptional and transparent offering.

Customizable Hunt Extras

Tailor your experience by adding an observer at a total cost of $3,500, inclusive of internal flights in South Africa. For those seeking additional challenges, an exportable Bull Elephant or an actual hunt of a White Rhino can be arranged upon request, albeit with additional costs.

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