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While a strong physical ability is always encouraged for these types of hunts, we also have areas where these safaris can be tailored to suit the hunter’s needs. Simply ensure that this is all mentioned when booking, and we will make the necessary adaptations.

Your hunting expedition will be led by a seasoned, licensed professional hunter with extensive experience in the wilderness. We exclusively engage highly skilled professionals who prioritize your interests above all else.

This may vary depending on the destination in which your hunting safari will take place. Rest assured that we will always provide you with the necessary information and requirements for your trip in advance.

Non-hunters are welcome to join in these safaris. Additionally, we can even arrange a fun activity if you request it when booking your hunt.

We go above and beyond to accommodate our clients to the best of our abilities. Any food allergies and aversions will be taken into account; however, it is crucial to mention this when booking your hunt.

While we cannot guarantee this, we always encourage inquiries because in certain cases, this can be arranged.

While we do not provide taxidermy services ourselves, we will put you in contact with our trusted taxidermy companies. Please note that this cost is additional and not included in the package fee.

Hunting experience is not always necessary, and we recommend and tailor hunts to best suit the skills and capabilities of our clients. Always ensure that you are upfront with your experiences when inquiring about a package.

While a medical check-up is not mandatory, it is essential to note that specific hunting packages may demand robust physical fitness. When you inquire about a particular package, rest assured that we will diligently inform you of any such fitness prerequisites well in advance. If you currently have any pre-existing medical conditions that might impact your experience during the trip, kindly ensure that you notify us when making inquiries about a package. Your safety and well-being are our utmost priorities, and communication about your health ensures that we can tailor the experience to accommodate any special considerations or requirements you may have.

Each hunting package will differ when it comes to what is needed to pack. When booking your hunt, we will always send you a comprehensive list containing items that are needed for the trip. In cases where you do not own something that is required, simply reach out to us as we may be able to recommend the best option to purchase/hire.

If you do not own firearms, we can assist you in recommending good options for purchase/hire.

JKO Safaris will assist you in obtaining all your necessary permits and documentation.

These are the basic travel services we can provide. When booking your hunt, simply state which of the below items you would like us to oversee:

  • Airport meet & greet services for arrivals, departures and connecting flights at most international airports.
  • Expedited Firearm Permits and Firearm Clearing Service.
  • Road Transfer Services to and from hunting destinations.
  • Firearm Storage and Transportation Service.
  • World Currency Cards Applications via Bidvest.

It is no secret that a hunting safari can be expensive. But this should not hold you back from this amazing experience. Hence, JKO Safaris offers an interest-free payment plan, where your trip can be paid off in monthly instalments. Contact us for more information on this.

JKO Safaris provides exceptional bow hunting opportunities in Africa tailored to archers of all skill levels. It is crucial to understand that precision is paramount in every shot, making the following information instrumental in determining the species and methods suitable for bow hunting in Africa.

According to regulations, a compound bow with a minimum draw weight of 50lbs is permissible for plains game, but we strongly advocate for a bow ranging between 60-80lbs for optimal results. Dangerous game requires a compound bow with a minimum draw weight of 95lbs, a recommendation we too, agree with. Other bows permitted in South Africa include Long Bows and Re-Curve bows.

Preparation is key before departing for Africa, and JKO Safaris ensures your readiness by taking you to a range for skill assessment before the hunt. Our focus is not only on providing you with the best chance of success but also on the well-being of the animals, prohibiting any unnecessary or chance shots.

Concerning broadheads, you have the flexibility to use any type at your discretion, but fixed blades generally prove most effective across Africa. Given the toughness of African animals, optimal penetration to the vitals is crucial for success and ethical hunting practices.

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