Chete Hunting Safaris

Matetsi Unit 3 is situated on the lower end of the Matetsi blocks. This area span over 100 000 acres and offer excellent hunting in the late season months of late August through November with our leading Matetsi Zimbabwe hunting safari packages. Matetsi is notorious for large leopard, buffalo and good elephant hunting. It is one of your more expensive areas in Zimbabwe but it also one of the best areas when hunted the right time of the year!

Chete Safari area is situated on the shores of Lake Kariba between the Senkwe and Muenda rivers. It is a controlled hunting area and one of Zimbabwe’s most rugged concessions. Its hilly country means that the area is not well developed in terms of roads, therefore, some areas are only accessible on foot. Hunting is mainly by boat, vehicles and on foot which can be tailored by you with our Chete hunting safari packages.

Both Chete & Sijarira are owned by our partner in Zimbabwe so this allows us the very rare opportunity to move between the areas without much hassle should one of the areas not produce the necessary movement or action that we need. When hunting with JKO you, therefore, get to hunt two areas for the price of one – so much more opportunity to take your dream trophy! We have high numbers of game in both areas and you will see animals every day while hunting in any of the areas.

These areas also offer the hunter the BEST crocodile and hippo hunting in the world bordering Lake Kariba for more than 25 miles. If you have booked a dangerous game safari you can add a hippo/crocodile or both at no extra daily rate charge with our Chete hunting safari packages.

Pricing &

We always try to offer our hunters the best possible pricing without compromising the quality of the safari and experience. We assist all-out hunters with their international flights, shipping of trophies and we make sure all paperwork is in order for their safaris. We offer all-inclusive service and we are always here to help and answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to send us any questions at any time. We are also available for Zoom meetings and should you need to get hold of us urgently you can always send us a WhatsApp. Africa is heaven for any hunter that is looking for an old school safari like in the olden days! Thank you for your time and consideration and I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon.