Here’s what you need to know about Cheap Hunting Safaris in Africa

For many, a Hunting Safari in Africa is a once in a lifetime opportunity. For others, it is a regular vacation. No matter which hunter you are, the question about pricing and the cost of Hunting Safaris has probably come to mind.

More & more hunting outfits are being established each year across the African continent. For the most part, this is a great thing as it puts pressure on us bigger players to further perfect our offerings and level of service. Competition is a great motivator and a fantastic tool to use for benchmarking!

However, it has come to our attention, and to that of many of our friends abroad, that some of these newly created hunting packages are absolutely dirt cheap – attracting much attention to them, and luring many people into a truly sub-par African hunting experience which will not only ruin your dream trip but destroy the reputation of this age-old industry.

Hunting Safaris in Africa have been conducted for many years. Some outfitters being extremely expensive focusing on Uber Luxurious trips, and other Outfitters focused on giving you the best bang for your buck (No pun intended). The costs involved for a successful African Safari have thus been ironed out and levelled to a point where it is a win-win for both Outfitters and Clients – As all industries in a free market does.

It is true then, as the saying goes, that you will be getting what you pay for.

I write this article not to scare you from a good deal – those do exist. Sometimes an unfortunate hunter can’t make his trip, but the deposit is paid, or various other reasons exist for those deals to be offered to old clients. BUT a company offering a cheap product will very often offer a cheap service.

There was a hunt sold at an SCI show where an outfitter offered dirt-cheap African hunting safaris promising 4 animals and accommodations. When the clients arrived, everything seemed fine, until they arrived and started hunting. It is then when the poor PH had to explain to clients how the package was for cull animals, not trophies as the outfitter led them to believe. Even worse, some “outfitters” will market themselves as such but operate without the proper paperwork and registrations. The result? You not being able to take your trophies home, or your trophies being confiscated as it will be deemed illegal.

As horrible as these stories are, they are as real as can be. It is for that reason only, that I write: If you plan on hunting Africa, it will be of great value to either 1) hunt with a reputable outfitter, or 2) do proper research and ask for references if a great deal is indeed found.

For these reasons and more, cheap African Hunting Safaris, more often than not, will cost you more than the real deal.