Bow Hunting in Africa. Everything you need to know

JKO Safaris offers world-class bow hunting opportunities in Africa for any level of archer. It is however important to note that we will not be taking chances on any shot, so the following information may help you to determine which species, and by which method you can hunt with your bow in Africa.

Generally, the law states that a compound bow may be used with a minimum draw weight of 50lbs on plains game. However, we strongly recommend that you use a bow with between 60-80lbs for such a hunt. Dangerous game requires a compound bow to be sprung at 95lbs minimum. We to recommend this.Other bows which are legal to use in South Africa includes Long Bows & Re-Curve bows.

We strongly recommend you to properly prepare before your departure to Africa. JKO Safaris will take you to a range before we embark on our hunt to ensure and verify your skill level as to assess the best approach for your hunt. Not only do we wish to give you the best opportunity at success, but the wellbeing of the animals is of utmost importance to us. Under no circumstances will we be taking unnecessary chance shots.

As for broadheads, any type my be used at your own discretion. It is however generally found across Africa that fixed blades work best. African animals are very tough and as such the better penetration you can get ton the vitals, the better.