North West


Big Game Country

Encounters with big game are to be expected

Varying Terrain

Open fields, rolling hills, thick brush and more!

Comfortable Travelling

Only 3-hours from the Airport

Hunting in North West

North West hunting safari packages offers a hunter to hunt plains game and dangerous game in between elephant, lion, buffalo, hippo and crocodile with the occasional leopard passing through. With offering 4 of the Big 5 you cannot find a better safari experience anywhere in South Africa, even if you only hunt plains game you will encounter these big game animals and that will put your safari experience on a whole different level! The North West area also offers a hunter a little bit of everything when it comes to the terrain, open fields, rolling hills and thick brush!

Accommodation is very comfortable and being only a 3-hour drive from the airport makes for easy travelling to your ideal custom North West hunting safari packages.


Hunting With JKO Safaris

At JKO Hunting Safaris we pride ourselves in providing our clients only the utmost best. This means that every safari package is custom tailored exactly to your needs and desires. Whether you are coming to Africa with friends, bringing a grandchild, or booking a fabulous family Safari; we will make sure every detail is exactly as requested.

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