100 000 Acres

Massive untouched Africa

Classic Safari

This is the place of Legends

Big Game Paradise

Notorious for large leopard, buffalo and good elephant

Hunting in Matetsi

Matetsi Unit 3 is situated on the lower end of the Matetsi blocks. This area span over 100 000 acres and offer excellent hunting in the late season months of late August through November with our leading Matetsi Zimbabwe hunting safari packages. Matetsi is notorius for large leopard, buffalo and good elephant hunting. It is one of your more expensive areas in Zimbabwe but it also one of the best areas when hunted the right time of the year!

In our Matetsi camp, you will have the luxury of a newly rebuilt lodge completely fitted with AC’s and a pool overlooking a waterhole where you will spot dangerous game and plains game daily. If unrivaled comfort and scenic landscapes are what your searching for our premier Matetsi Zimbabwe hunting safari packages will have you covered.


Hunting With JKO Safaris

At JKO Hunting Safaris we pride ourselves in providing our clients only the utmost best. This means that every safari package is custom tailored exactly to your needs and desires. Whether you are coming to Africa with friends, bringing a grandchild, or booking a fabulous family Safari; we will make sure every detail is exactly as requested.

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