Challenging and Exciting

The Limpopo bush offers a truly challenging hunt


Classic Safari

This is the place of Legends


Top Class Trophies

The Limpopo region is renowned for excellent quality!


Hunting in Limpopo

Covering over 32 000 acres of Mopani Bushveld our Limpopo Concession offers hunters a challenging and exciting safari experience… This area is unique as it offers clients the opportunity to hunt crocodile and hippo combined with a buffalo or plains game of their choice. We offer Limpopo Hunting Safari Packages for any level of experience hunter. Limpopo Hunting is done on foot by tracking your targeted species, the terrain does not allow for very long shots due to the classic thick Mopani brush and can provide some exciting close encounters.


The Limpopo Safari area boasts high numbers of buffalo, big kudu, Limpopo bushbuck, spotted hyena, bush pig, hippo, crocodile, sable, roan, nyala and 16 plus common plains game species. If you want a classic Limpopo Hunting Safari Package with the amenities of the modern day this area will provide exactly what you are looking for!


Hunting With JKO Safaris

At JKO Hunting Safaris we pride ourselves in providing our clients only the utmost best. This means that every safari package is custom tailored exactly to your needs and desires. Whether you are coming to Africa with friends, bringing a grandchild, or booking a fabulous family Safari; we will make sure every detail is exactly as requested.

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