Free State


Great Variety

Over 25 huntable species

Fantastic Buffalo

Large Buffalo herds mean more options

Top Shelf Cuisine

Traditional South African cuisine at its finest

Hunting in Free State

This 40 000 acres picturesque private game reserve in the heart of  the Free State is characterized by high ridges, ravines, rocky outcrops and plains. The ideal location for custom Free State hunting safari packages to hunt the game species which reside on the game reserve.

The main lodge and mountain retreat are very well equipped and offer magnificent scenery and wildlife on their doorsteps; a marvellous retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, an excellent venue to spend quality time with family and friends.

Sandy Mount offers a hunter the opportunity to hunt over 25 species in one single area with our Free State hunting safari packages.  Hence there is no waste of time on the road travelling between hunting areas. With buffalo numbers exceeding far over 80 animals you can be assured that you will have a wide variety of options when hunting buffalo on foot in this beautiful private reserve.

Top shelf traditional South African cuisine and naturally meat from the animals harvested by you as the hunter are served in the 4-star lodge with a wide selection of wine to choose from.



Hunting With JKO Safaris

At JKO Hunting Safaris we pride ourselves in providing our clients only the utmost best. This means that every safari package is custom tailored exactly to your needs and desires. Whether you are coming to Africa with friends, bringing a grandchild, or booking a fabulous family Safari; we will make sure every detail is exactly as requested.

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Buffalo Trophy Hunted in South Africa