Tiger Fish

Tiger Fish are large predatory fish found in big fresh water lakes & major rivers in Africa. This fish is said to be the strongest pull-per-pound fish on the continent!

Deep Sea Game Fish

Southern Africa is in a unique position to have access to both the cold Atlantic & the tropical Indian oceans. Which ever type of deap sea fishing you prefer, JKO will provide!

African Fishing Safaris

Southern Africa is in a very unique position to have the cold Atlantic to the West, and the tropical Indian to the East. Even more, we have great interior lakes like that of Jozini & the famous Kariba, fed by mighty rivers such as the Limpopo & Zambezi. All this contributes to the immense opportunity for the Fishing adventure of a lifetime! 

Whether you want to extend your trip to Africa by a few days to include a dedicated fishing excursion, or maybe just work in a couple of days in between the hunting, JKO knows the best spots for your fishing desires!

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