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Hunting Burkina Faso

JKO Hunting Safaris in conjunction with our business partner Sable Safari has access to one of the best hunting blocks in Burkina Faso in West Africa.

Quota will only be available in the best interest of the management of our area, it has been for the last 4 generations of the family running our area. Our hunting block is out of this world, and it produces top quality trophies year after year.

Hunting in Burkina Faso requires good physical condition. We will also advise our clients to make sure to practice their shooting at home before heading on their safari to Burkina Faso.

On your arrival  at Ouagadougou airport you will be met by your professional hunter representing JKO Hunting Safaris / Sable Safari as well as your local Burkina Faso PH. We will have representatives that will be able to speak both French and English to accompany you on your safari and make sure there is NO language barrier so you can enjoy your safari.

Once arriving at camp you will check your rifles at the shooting range to ensure the local PH and government officials are happy with the way your rifle shoot.

The location and beauty of the hunting area will bring you into the true atmosphere of your once in a life time safari in West Africa.

During your safari, you will be guided by our PH from JKO Hunting safaris / Sable Safari as well as a local guide and game scout that are experienced with the area.

No trophy animals will be hunted out of a herd or close to a herd, there is more than enough animals in the area to give you the opportunity to hunt only solitary trophy animals that has been kicked out of the herds. No shooting from vehicles are allowed in the hunting area.

You will leave the camp of  between 5 and 6 am in 4×4 vehicles, after only ten minutes of driving, you could be tracking your Western Savannah buffalo…… You will have lunch out in the bush every day and then return to camp at sunset.

In camp you will find a well-established and looked after accommodation with all rooms equipped with air conditioning, hot and cold water and showers.

We also boast a fully stocked bar with spirits of your choice with a swimming pool for you to relax in during the warmer months of March and April.

Burkina is a destination that has to be hunted by any avid hunter wanting to collect the exceptional range of trophies found West Africa.

Species we offer in Burkina Faso:

Western Savanna Buffalo
Harnessed Bushbuck
Western Hartebeest
Western Kob
Nagor Reedbuck
Western Roan

For more information please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at admin@jkosafaris.com.

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