Unrivaled African Experience


South Africa is one of the most exciting countries to hunt in the world; it offers the hunter a diverse combination of vegetation, landscapes, and wildlife.

South Africa

The principal attractions to safaris in Zimbabwe are plentiful free-roaming Cape Buffalo, Leopard and Elephant,  along with magnificent plains game.

Burkina Faso

Our hunting block is out of this world, and it produces top quality trophies year after year. Hunting in Burkina Faso requires a good physical condition.

Welcome to JKO Hunting Safaris

JKO Hunting Safaris is based in South Africa and offers traditional asell as Luxury hunting Safaris. We specialize in Dangerous Game, Plains Game hunting safaris and tours all over Africa with trophy quality and personal service being our number one priority. 

JKO Hunting Safaris was founded by Jacques Spamer and Ockert Olivier, with more than 16 years’ experience in the Safari industry working with the best companies in the industry, having experience hunting all over Africa Jacques and Ockert will make sure any safari in any country booked with JKO are first class. 

We would like to invite you for an Unrivaled African Experience.


Custom Safaris

JKO pride ourselves in offering exceptional experiences and unforgettable memories. To achieve this we often take very specific instructions from our clients for a tailored experience unlike any other with our premier African safari hunting packages.

JKO Hunting Safaris has exclusive hunting rights to the best hunting hunting blocks and concessions in Africa. Whether it is for the first time hunter looking to hunt plains game in South Africa with his family. Or the experienced trophy collector that is looking for specific/rare species or to hunt dangerous game in any other part of Africa to the likes of Zimbabwe and Burkina Faso. 

We offer first class African safari hunting packages with top quality trophies taken on each safari anywhere in Africa. We accompany each of our clients personally on each safari to make sure every client is safe and that the quality of safari lives up to it’s name!

JKO Hunting Safaris welcomes all hunters no matter their hunting capabilities, age or gender!

Hunting in Africa

JKO Safaris is the Premier Outfitter who will be leading your African Expeditions through South Africa, Zimbabwe & Burkina Faso.

Hunting in Europe

Our strategic partnership with Sable Safaris allow us to offer our clientelle the oppertunity to book world-class hunting trips in Europe & other locations.